Ultimate Archery Solution – Panic-Free Shooting

A $200 back tension release that may or may not cure you, or a $50 mind fix guaranteed to work?

The intent herein is to introduce you to the absolute fastest working, easiest to use, most powerful tool you’ll ever find for extricating target panic from your archery life forever.

Mudslinger's Lioness

Mudslinger’s Lioness


Welcome; my name is Andy Jacobsen, but folks tend to just call me AJ. On archery message boards and at seminars, I’m known as AJ the TP Guru.  I am a member of the Archery Trade Association, and offer free seminars in various cities; email me for more info.

I have done two things for a very long while – shoot the bow, and help folks utilize their subconscious mind to assist, rather than conflict, with their conscious intent. In this manner since early 2011, I have been helping archers overcome the challenges of target panic (TP).

The above Robinhood was shot by a Solution user and barebow shooter, whose experience is related on the REVIEWS page.

I myself, have been afflicted with two separate TP episodes – once as a young man shooting instinctively, and much later in 2010 while shooting a wheelie with pins and a release aid. The difference being, in 2010 I had the lifeskills to overcome it easily and rapidly. It was shortly thereafter that I began to realize just how widespread the disease of target panic really is.

During my first TP episode, like most archers I thought my problem was with form or ill-fitting equipment, and spent a great deal of time changing things up to no avail. It resulted in my quitting competitive archery, though not bowhunting.

The second time around I knew it was strictly mental, and went to work re-routing my subconscious mind. It worked well and in only a few days (just as I knew it would even though it was several weeks before I felt comfortable and confident over every shot). A few months later I began helping several archers who were members of a well known archery message board at no charge. Every one of them succeeded in a very short timeframe. All had tried blank baling with no transference to the field. Their stories and others may be found on the REVIEWS page.

AJ welcomes you in this video

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