My Solution is really very simple; the first and most important part being the subconscious* directed relaxation message itself. Each archery-specific message is designed to enhance relaxation while listening and shooting, thereby utilizing the most important factor in achieving accuracy on a consistent basis – your subconscious. Each message is recorded and downloaded via dropbox, meant to be used at or near bedtime over a period of several nights (but not necessarily every night during said period). It is NOT to be listened to while driving!!

*subconscious – the mental activities just below the limit of consciousness (Webster’s).

You will feel relaxed while listening, and the content of the message will allow you to feel just as relaxed on the firing line or at the moment of truth in a deerblind. And the secret is, you are doing this yourself (via the recorded message). That is to say, you are telling your subconscious mind to adopt an attitude of harmony, and that in doing so it will no longer need to be in conflict with the intent of your conscious mind.

A majority of Solution users never need anything more, but it’s there for the taking, just the same. It is my personal assistance throughout the process at no extra cost. I encourage each new user to email or call me early on (and as many times thereafter as necessary) with any questions or a simple progress report in that I am frequently able to provide sufficient insight to accelerate their progress. After first listening to their message for one or more nights, most archers are able to turn the whole firing process over to their subconscious practically immediately without any more help from me. But others need more time and a little over the phone coaching first (as can be readily observed by reading the differences between the various success stories posted by my REVIEWERS).

After hearing literally hundreds of different versions of archers’ various TP-related issues which they have experienced, I feel confident that whatever your own TP demons might be, I will not be hearing about them for the first time.

Likewise, after having worked with so many archers and identifying what tends to work and what doesn’t under so many different sets of circumstances, I feel confident that I have designed an avenue to success for just about anyone who is serious about alleviating themselves from the TP burden. Normally this can be achieved with a generic message, and (possibly) phone or email. But occasionally a Personalized Message can improve one’s odds of achieving maximum proficiency, at least after reaching a certain level of success with a generic message.

Furthermore, what you will hear from me over and above the message itself, is likely different from that which you may previously have heard or read elsewhere. To date, there are archery-related users I have kept in touch with for well over seven years now, and I am always interested in helping out with subsequent shooting hiccups, or listening to success stories, whether they be bowhunting or target archery related.

Regarding the actual process:

After the initial listening session(s), it is each individual’s choice as to the optimal frequency of use. Not a bad idea to listen the night before an important archery tournament or hunting trip. In any case, it is guaranteed to permanently eradicate your target panic. You should see progress practically immediately after having listened to your message the first few times, and after having gotten a good night’s sleep. In addition, you will find yourself improving even more over the following several weeks and months, depending on how often you are able to shoot. The more you shoot, the more confidence you’ll find in your game.

Important: The Ultimate Archery Solution is NOT an instructional CD/DVD, dealing with either form or technique. It has already cured well over 2400 archers of their TP, and comes with a money-back guarantee.

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The following videos demonstrate what you already know – that is, the most common TP symptoms you likely experience daily.

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