Back Tension Release Shooters

For over two years as of June, 2013, there had not been a back tension (BT) release-specific message. There are two reasons for this:

1) I wasn’t aware of how many BT release shooters were still experiencing target panic difficulties in that it was my understanding that BT was technology’s answer to TP, and

2) Many of those BT release Solution users of whom I was aware, had had success with either the #1 or 2 message (even though these messages specifically mention a trigger).

Thing is, there are definite nomenclature and technique differences which needed to be acknowledged, and these differences were forcing some BT release Solution users to have to spend extra money ($50) on a personalized message. This is no longer the case.

There is now a BT-specific message for you, too (either a #5 or 6). It mentions pulling through, and refers to certain muscle groups and their function in the release process. Meanwhile, the mention of a trigger is no more.

For you folks who use say, a trigger for hunting, and BT for tournaments, there is a two-for-one deal. Check the HOW TO ORDER page for details.

You can find several archers’ success stories here. Each of them had target panic, but is now cured.