Holding Low – An Alternative Solution

For starters, form has absolutely nothing to do with holding low . . . or high for that matter. It’s all in the mind, and that’s the place we’ll go to fix it.

I used to know a champion archer, Dr. Fred Simmons, Jr., whose form left a lot to be desired . . . that is, until you saw him shoot. He won the NFAA Men’s Instinctive National Championship in 1959. (At the time, this basically meant he was THE National Champ; pinshooters were in a distinct minority, both numerically and prestigiously. Compounds were not yet in use.)

What he did that was so unorthodox was to throw his forward hip outwardly toward the target. He felt this gave him a “better sight picture.” Ok, whether it would do that for you or not isn’t material here, but I would like you to try the position without even holding the bow in your hand. Just stand up and extend your bowarm with your forward hip thrust outwardly toward an imaginary target.

Now imagine that you are holding the bow with an arrow nocked, and that the arrow is higher than optimal for a successful shot (assume that the target is eye level to the ground on which you are standing). Then tilt your entire upper body toward the target just slightly, but without consciously moving your bowarm.

You should be pleased to observe that the angle of your bowarm in relation to the ground has changed. It is more parallel. In turn, your pin (or arrow point for trad shooters) has automatically been lowered, but without the need to move your bowarm – it happened due to a changed upper body angle which happened oh-so-easily because physiologically it wants to be in alignment with your hips.

Now for the rest of the story – attempting to consciously realign your upper body will not help you get your pin (or arrow point) back to the spot in and of itself. It has to be done on a subconscious level. That is, your subconscious mind must be in accordance with the conscious desire to adjust your upper body to the exact position required for your pin (or arrow point for trad shooters) to be placed over the spot (or the location representing a true and correct sight picture).

This is a much easier movement to make than trying to move a fully stressed bowarm, but consciously thinking about it detracts from your focus on the spot, so you need a method of doing it without having to think about it. This is where a Solution message comes in.

It is simply a mental trick – allowing your subconscious mind to believe that it’s ok to change the angle of your arm to the target by virtue of tilting your entire upper body toward the target. Once your subconscious mind accepts such a command without reservation, the whole psychological aversion to placing the sightpin (or arrow point) over the spot (or appropriate target location) disappears.

Note: Asking you to modify your set-up position by thrusting your forward hip toward the target is not a part of any of the generic Solution messages. It is only provided as an alternative personalized message should the generic message of your choice not prove as successful as you’d like. A very small percentage of Solution users will find they need it, but for those who do, it has proven almost 100% successful. Existing Solution users receive a 60% discount for any personalized message.