How To Order


Products Available for Order

1. #1.Prayer-like, Pin shooter, Trigger Release (#1.G.PL.PS.TR.) $50

2. #2.Secular, Pin shooter, Trigger Release (#2.G.S.PS.TR.) $50

3. #3.Prayer-like, Pin shooter, Fingers (#3.G.PL.PS.F.) $50

4. #4.Secular, Pin shooter, Fingers (#4.G.S.PS.F.) $50

5. #5.Prayer-like, Pinshooter, Back Tension (#5.G,PL.PS.BT.) $50

6. #6.Secular, Pinshooter, Back Tension (#6.G.S.PS.BT.) $50

7. #7.Prayer-like, Instinctive, Fingers (#7.G.PL.I.F.) $50

8. #8.Secular, Instinctive, Fingers (#8.G.S.I.F.) $50

9. #9.Personalized A (P.A.) $100

10. #10.Personalized B (#10.P.B.) $200

Each product number is linked to the shopping cart which will show your order at the top of this page after clicking on it. Payment options are credit card, e-check, or Paypal.

After having placed your order, you should receive a confirming email from AJ within the hour if the order is received during regular business hours. If not, that email will still arrive within 12-18 hours. It will contain a link to dropbox, and shortly after having received it, you should likewise receive the download link from dropbox.

If anything prevents your discount code from being accepted, or keeps you from completing the order, please email or call me, and I will take your order personally.

Your second and third choices of any message (other than a personalized one) are FREE. The way this works is, order any generic message, and use it until you are satisfied that it’s working for you. Then email me, telling me which other message(s) you want. I’ll then email it (them) to you as an MP3 audio file attachment which can be uploaded to your smartphone or ipod, or you can burn your own CD. This is a lifetime offer; no timeframe limit.

Let’s say you shoot a back tension release in tournaments, but hunt with a trigger release. Order #1 or 2, have some success, then get a #5 or 6 free (or vice versa). Likewise, if you primarily shoot a wheelie, but sometimes go trad, order #1,2,3,4,5, or 6, practice enough that your confidence has returned, then do the same for free with a #7 or 8. And yes, for the wheelie/trad folks, I do recommend initially going with a pinshooter version of the messages.

Note: Downloading via dropbox is the method of delivery unless you email me with a specific request for a CD. Also, by ordering a second or third (free) message, you are acknowledging success with the original message, so that money-back is voided at that point. For this reason, you’d want to assure yourself of a certain level of success prior to ordering a second or third message. Please let me know if you have interest in a personalized message.


The release versions  (#1,2,5, or 6) will work for you guys & gals who shoot a scope. But be advised that the word, pin or sightpin, is used throughout the message. Generally, this nomenclature has been ok with scope shooters, but you may decide you want to subsequently upgrade to a personalized version which would encompass the term, scope, and have other verbiage more specifically directed toward your set-up.You would have the final say as to the most appropriate wording, but I do have a template which should make it easy.

The same reasons mentioned above apply to FITA and Olympic-style shooters. Again, more info is available on the Personalized Messages page.

The additional cost to an existing user for a personalized message is $50, and you will need to email me your desire for such a message so that I can a) give you a discount code, and b) design your message.

You may also opt to mail a check to: Ultimate Archery Solution, 102 Stubblefield Dr., Elgin, TX 78621. First, please click on the version you want, use your discount code if available, and click through while still in the shopping cart to confirm your total cost. Also, please specify the number of the message you want on your check.


All Solution generic versions carry a 90 day money-back guarantee, whether sold at full price or discounted.