I started in organized archery at the age of 14, and by age 20 target panic had begun to set in. During my early business life, I developed a skill which I translated into a niche side business of providing help to people who needed to convince their subconscious to help rather than hinder them with other things, like anger management or weight loss. So now I’ve been recording these subconscious directed messages for over 40 years. For a long time, it simply never occurred to me that the same kinds of recordings I was making to help people with their lifestyle choices, could similarly be used to help archers over the hump with TP. (It’s ok to call me a slow learner.) Nor did I realize how many were afflicted.

Then I bought a new rig – a compound with pins and a release aid, and seemed (for about two years) to have my old TP syndrome well under control. Wrong!! It once again reared its ugly head (overcoming TP is like being a reformed alcoholic – your disease just lurks around the corner). But at that point, I knew how to defeat it, and made myself an archery-specific message which did the trick just as I suspected it would.

A little later on, I began noticing on an archery message board that many other archers – more than I would’ve guessed – were experiencing the dysfunction of TP. I offered to help some of them at no charge, made them each an archery-specific message, and waited for the feedback. You will find their verbatim testimonials here (as well as several other successful user stories).

While the Solution has cured over 2400 archers of this terrible affliction, I regret to tell you this.

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