Some of the advice you have read elsewhere may have been discouraging to you. Here is such an example: “Treating target panic can be a long and monotonous process. It may take many weeks and even months of repetition to find your cure. Regardless of how long it takes, and how boring it may be . . .” (the above quote is from a blank baling recommendation on
There is another way, one which drastically reduces the time and boredom factors.

The subconscious is a registry – the place where thoughts and acts become ingrained into the self. Change this registry, and you change the self. This is the goal of my Solution. That goal has been attained to date by over 97% of all archers who have chosen to try it.

The primary reason why my Solution works is that it breaks through the barrier that normally exists between the conscious and subconscious minds, promoting harmony rather than confliction.. Another way to put it is that your two minds have short circuited, and require new wiring. The Solution does not attempt to fool your subconscious, but rather to enlist its aid in providing for your archery success.

You can do this! Over 2400 other archers with similar issues to yours have already succeeded. You can, too!