Personalized Messages

I’ve done several hundred of them, mostly for an additional $40 each. So why would anyone need a personalized message since well over 90% of the generic versions have worked their magic well?

Ok, several reasons actually, but even so I still recommend that everyone afflicted with target panic (or just looking to keep the old nerves in check) purchase a generic version first, even if you think you will want your message personalized.

Generic messages carry a money-back guarantee; personalized ones do not. So to be absolutely certain the thing is going to actually do something for you, try a generic message first. This way, if you don’t experience good results, you can get your money back. Also, you’ll feel a lot better about possibly spending another $50 to get it exactly right on your way to the next level. (Not likely you won’t feel you were helped significantly in your effort to defeat TP with the generic version.)

Here are some reasons for having a personalized message done, whether initially or after realizing a level of success with a generic one:

1) Scope shooters. The pinshooter versions all use the terminology sight or sightpin. There are other distinctive words and phrases which apply to the use of a conventional sight vs. a scope. Even so, a goodly number of scope shooters originally had success with a generic message. So again, my advice is to start with a generic version, then if you feel you can elevate your game even further with more appropriate nomenclature, why heck yes, let’s then do a personalized message.

2) Professional and other top tier tournament archers. You know who you are. You have specific issues unlike 99% of the rest of archerydom. Mainly, you just need to keep those nerves down a little, especially in the latter stages of a big tournament when every 5-spot X or 3D 12 ring counts for something more. Also, I generally eliminate the hunting component for these messages.

3) Spots or animals – I am not psychic; I don’t know in advance how you are detrimentally affected by TP, or if you just sometimes experience nervousness. Some folks only hunt; some only shoot spots or 3D. My generic messages try to cover all bases, but if your archery life is lived only in one category, it may be somewhat distracting by virtue of the message mentioning all facets of archery. You may want me to record a message dealing only with your specific TP issues or area of interest, whether it be spots or hunting animals in the wild. (I do find it interesting that some archers only have issues with spots, but consistently are the supreme killer when confronted with a trophy buck…. and vice versa.)

4) Single issue TP. Maybe you have difficulty getting your pin up to the spot, and find yourself consistently holding low (this is probably the number one issue archers tell me they want to cure). But maybe it’s punching the trigger instead of just letting it happen. Or, if you’re a back tension release shooter, not allowing yourself to pull through without flinching.

All these issues are covered in all generic messages, but if only one issue is affecting you, we can place emphasis on it in a personalized version. (Hey, I didn’t even have a back tension generic message until the website had been online for two years in that I was of the erroneous conclusion that those things were technology’s answer to TP. Well, it turns out that a lot of folks still have issues even when using a BT release.)

5) FITA and Olympic-style Archery. Sorry folks, I do not have a generic message for you. There are just too few of you to make it worthwhile. Not to mention that your shooting style tends to be even more unique to the individual than other forms of archery. BUT… I have done a fair number of personalized messages for your fellow FITA/Olympic archers, and they have worked very well.

6) Process. I say very little about the process of setting up to the target, of coming to full draw, of settling in on your aiming spot, or of bow position or position of either hand or the head in any of my generic messages. Process is such an individual thing that a generic message simply could not accommodate all archers equally. For this reason, many users of the Solution who choose to have me record a personalized message likewise choose to include wording on process unique to their own shooting style. Process can then become more natural and flowing rather than having to consciously think about each step from set-up to release.

Note: At least one set-up and firing process message separate from a Solution message is free to all generic Solution users.

The one other thing a personalized message does is employ your first name in addition to the pronoun, you. This seems to have a strengthening effect on the overall message.

Whatever your reason, if you want me to record a personalized message for you, I’ll be happy to do it. We’d just need to either talk or exchange a few emails first.

Contact info here. Typically, I would provide you with the text of the part of the generic message you started with (or would have started with) which applies to your concerns, and you’d then change/add/delete until you think it’s right. But if you do prefer to start out with such a message, we can do that, too.

If you will go here, you can identify those reasons why the Solution may NOT work for you.