All Solution messages are emailed as an attached MP3 audio file. Each of the following statements are from a real live archer who has tried other TP solutions with less than satisfactory success.

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I was confident I could place my arrow where it needed to be.

So glad that I got your Solution message; it has helped me to control my negative thoughts and stay focused while shooting under pressure. This ol’ boy was about to take off so I had to take a sharp quartering to me shot. My arrow hit its mark and passed through the opposite side; he ran about 40 yrs and piled up. He gross scores 157 P&Y. Thanks again, Rick. (Rick Day is a West Virginian, but he killed this buck in Ohio).


Target Panic

“Spooky” Late Season Wisconsin Whitetail

Not huge but a victory for me. When he showed I was able to do the job perfectly, no more bs-ing target panic. I can spot shoot with confidence now also, no more freezing on the spot.I don’t know what took place in my head from your Solution message, it was spooky. The funny thing for me was , there wasn’t a starting to get better point, the panic was just plain gone.I listened just before bedtime the day I received it. I went out and began shooting in the morning and it was like I never ever had a problem. It is a great feeling . Thank you for the message. Best of luck, Chuck


World Champion – Dale Pitts

AJ, I bought your Solution message a couple of weeks ago and finally after a 10 year fight with TP im able to hold the pin on target without trembling. I still need to go to the 3d range but so far so good. A little back ground on myself. Back through the 1990’s i won 2 indoor world championships,3 outdoor world championships along with 5 national qualifiers with buckmasters. I was on PSE’s pro staff and later on Mathews pro staff. In late 1999 I got a bad case of TP. I tried everything i could for 2 years until i finally gave up and quit competitive archery. I still hunted with a bow but had a hard time combating TP and just didnt enjoy shooting knowing i couldnt hold without my arms trembling badly whenever my pin got close to the target. Well i saw you add here on Archery Talk and decided to give it a try. After only a couple of times of listening to the message is was able to hold steady. Its been a couple of weeks now and ive shot 8-10 Days with great results. I finally have hope of enjoying archery the way i did before TP. …. Thanks for making a great product. i wish i had it 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dale Pitts

Sharon Trame’s Robinhood

Sharon Trame's Monster Boar

Sharon Trame’s Monster Boar

Sharon Trame’s Robinhood

Sharon, of W. Frankfort, IL, said she didn’t feel any different after having listened to her Solution message the night before. The next morning, she wondered if it had done anything for her ….. then she went out and shot the first two arrows of the day which are pictured with her above. She shot the boar a few weeks later. A short video of Sharon is sponsored by the hospital which helped her get her life back.



Randy Sabata of Aurora, NE,a barebow shooter – and a really good one – had developed TP symptons, and ordered a generic message in 2017. It helped him somewhat, but being the top shooter he is, he wanted more. In early 2017, he requested a personalized message ($50). Here is what transpired shortly after listening for the first time:

I went and shot one of the indoor leagues I’m in last night, and it was slow and a slight struggle at first, but by the third scoring end I felt a whole lot more comfortable about shooting. I was shooting well enough on a single spot NFAA target that I didn’t only robinhood one arrow, I did it twice. WOW! Little expensive, but worth it. I continued after league, shooting maybe 4 -5 ends, finally enjoying shooting again. THANK YOU, Randy


Kyle and his Javalina

Kyle Hayes (Low Fence on – “Still enjoying my results from this product. Even years later.”

Shooting Good Again (for a guy almost as old as AJ)

Listened to the message last night and shot a 300 Vegas league this morning. 299 with only four flinches, let down on one and shot an X and stayed with the other three, relaxed, and shot two Xs and a 10. Photo is from 2014 Cheyenne Field Archers’ Bowhunter’s Weekend, Cheyenne, WY Senior Division. – Larry Butterfield, Sun City, AZ

Note from AJ: Larry has used my message for well over a year now. He is referring here to a new personalized message.

Dean Vinson's Triple DroptineYes, that’s a triple droptine

And the next State Champ is….

I got your Solution message in yesterday and laid down on the bed and listened before I shot last night. I don’t know what it said because I went to sleep. It was unreal. I pulled up and centered my pin covering the X and it was like it glued there until the shot went off. I continued my focus until the arrow hit. This went on, over and over. I didn’t shoot for a score because I was sighting in a new bow, but it doesn’t take long when you can make good shots. Thanks,
Dean (sotxbowhunter at ArcheryTalk)


Damian's P&Y Whitetail

No More Dread

I have not flinched even once since I started shooting again. I do notice that when I am on the target I do not get the feeling of dread or worry like I did in the past. I feel more relaxed and at ease. I like listening to the message and I do feel at ease while listening. I hope you get as much out of it as I am and that you are able to conquer the target panic bug. – Damian, Katy, Tx (huntinfool at Target Panic thread that started it all –


No More Back Tension Blues

I have spent a fortune on BT releases, books, videos, training aids and anything else I could find in trying to cure my target panic. There were positive results from the very first time I listened to the Solution message and I finally realized that I had found something simple and positive that would work in helping me in my quest against target panic. I will continue to use this aid every chance I get. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has even a light case of target panic. – Doug Johnson, Lubbock, Tx (Mudslinger – Target Panic thread that started it all


Slick's Cull 10 pt.

No Mo’ Buck (or Hog) Fever Here

I got out this Saturday between rain showers and put a 35 yard shot on another pig… I’m 4 for 4 since I got AJ’s Solution message. Best of all this last shot was [executed], and the arrow went right where I was holding my pin and I didn’t even realize it until afterwards… Didn’t even think about it until I was on the blood trail, which was pretty short. I guess I’m not a skeptic now. This has really worked for me. Thanks! – (SaltwaterSlick at ) (Subsequently, Slick informed me that he was up to 12 for 12 on the piggies – AJ)

Target Panic Solution

There’s Relief, and there’s FAST Relief

The first night I listened to it and fell asleep before it completed, went out and shot my bow and it indeed felt different as you suggested it would… I was still pretty shaky though, that was Saturday. I then listened to it again Saturday night and shot Sunday again falling asleep before it finished, felt bettter and shot better. I listened to it again last night, this time the whole thing and stayed awake for it all… then replayed it and let myself fall asleep that time, WENT OUT THIS AFTERNOON AND SHOT THE BEST I HAVE IN MONTHS! Thanks, LCA (from ArcheryTalk)


Mike Shooting
Mike's Bowkill


I am continuing to use the program and experiencing the best shooting I have in years. I listened to the program often when I received it and currently utilize it for maintenance to ensure I continue to experience the benefits. – Mike, Idalou, Texas (Lowe at  Target Panic thread that started it all My handle is AJ the TP Guru at TBH, and should you click on the above target panic thread, I enter it at reply #21.


IBO WORLDS 2014 ,YOU AND ME WON MY CLASS - John Floriano from Buffalo


AJ, between your Solution message and my new Mathews Chill X I am crushing it in the back yard. I have never shot so good. Don’t get me wrong – everything is not that tight, but 90% are 10s & Xs, and 10% are 8s. Damaged four nocks and ripped off 2 vanes. 1st robin was at 30 yds and the 2nd at 40 – are you kidding me? IBO WORLDS 2014,YOU AND ME WON
MY CLASS- John Floriano from Buffalo

Note: Some three years later, John scored this 321 inch P&Y bull elk in Colorado with a perfect heart shot. Congratulations, John!

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Spreading the Word with Bow & Arrow


Dr. Larry Guthrie (bio and home page here), teaches at Harvest Home Farm School in Whitehall, WI. He also spreads God’s Word using his archery skills at seminars in the U.S., and around the world. The “William Tell-like” demonstration he does shooting an apple was giving him problems. Here is his story.

I confess that I was afraid to start shooting my bow again fearing that your Solution message wouldn’t do any good after having listened to it four times. This morning I got up enough courage to pick it up and nock an arrow. Surprise! I found that I was actually drawn to the bullseye. No panic! I could hold on target for as long as I wanted without flinching.

(Two months later) Just a quick update. I’ve completed the trips to Maine, Texas, & Indiana. Have hit the mark each and every time. Thanks for freeing me from target panic. I can now face those apples with confidence.


bowhunter9 from ArcheryTalk with his nice Arkansas Whitetail

No Short-Term Patch of a Fix Here

I ordered the target panic Solution message from you 3-4 years ago and it worked instantly for me… I usually listen to the message still a few times a year just to keep me in check. bowhunter9 from ArcheryTalk


Wayne Estes' NC P&Y Buck

P&Y Here

Finally got to listen to the Solution message with a good night’s sleep and shoot the next morning. A vast improvement, l could hold my pin on target and my mind wasn’t screaming to shoot. Was able to have relaxed shots from 20 yards out to 40 yards. Thanks so much! Wayne Estes, NC


This black hog down proves it’s not just for archery either

Rodney Otto shoots both the bow and rifle. He alleviated his archery target panic with a Solution message two years ago, but found that he had begun punching the trigger of his hunting rifle. One personalized message later which was designed specifically for this purpose, he no longer has this issue.

“It Worked like a charm! I can’t THANK YOU enough! I got in the stand at noon listened to the message and took a 20 minute nap. This guy comes out at about 5:00 I settled the crosshairs on his shoulder and BOOM! 129 yard shot he only went 10 yards before going down! No jerking the trigger! I am SO happy right now. You are awesome man. Thank you so much!” Rodney


Iowa Whitetail

Nic Dahl (dropnasty on ArcheryTalk) says, Thanks again for making shooting my bow fun again.

3D Scores A’Rising in spite of Youngster in Bed

Hey AJ, just wanted to give you an update on my tp. I received your Solution message about 2 weeks ago I think. I listened to it every night for the first week. I fell asleep to it multiple times. I have a 2 year old sleeping with me so I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work. I am happy to say I am shooting the best 3d scores I ever have. I still get the freezing up on occasion but its nothing like it was. I have no doubt that it was your method. I had tried back tension and every other thing to try and cure it. It’s the best money I have ever spent. Thank you so much! – Brent Wilbanks, Pisgah, AL


Jetlag no Barrier to Success Here

My groups went from 4 inches at 20 yards down to about 2 inches! I can shoot a couple of 5 arrow groups really tight, then my group will start loosening up a little. Twenty years ago I shot spot tournaments with incredible accuracy. This is the timeframe when my target panic started and I got away from spot tournaments and went to shooting 3-D shoots where you can afford to be a little looser with your accuracy. I finally got completely away from everything except for shooting here at the house and hunting because of the target panic and the frustration. I am very impressed with the Solution message and thank you very much for your help. – Pat Roebuck, Floresville, TX jetlag887 at


Perseverance Pays Off

Note from AJ: After this user told me he was concerned that the Solution message wasn’t taking after about a week, all I did was ask him to not use the message for a week, but to keep shooting and not worry about it. Nothing earthshaking about that advice, but sometimes it just takes a little longer. AJ – I followed your advice and laid off the message for a few days and listened again. The difference this time was that I allowed it to work instead of trying to force it to work. The change has been nothing short of amazing. 25, 35 and 45 yard shots are all on the money. No jerks or floating pins. I can smoothly pull the trigger on any target. Hunting buddies of mine have been amazed at the transformation as they have watched me struggle for years with this problem. I was on the verge of giving up archery and selling my bow but now thanks to you I am back in the game. Thank you so much for an amazing product. David Payne (Palmetto, GA)


Just Took a Little Bit Longer

Note from AJ: This is another example of a guy who just needed a little more time for the message to sink in as it didn’t seem to be “taking” the first few days. Right now I am shooting a lot better, especially these last 2 days. I am able to put the pin on target and shooting better than i have in a long time. Started off shooting about 10 arrows morning and afternoon and am now up to about 20 or 25 and shooting out to 40 yards. I haven’t missed the target once. Still have the occasional jerk but im not letting the arrow go until the pin is where i want it and settled. I have to thank the lord and you. focushunter at, Alvin, TX


Physically Injured, but now Mentally Sharp

I was fortunate enough to receive one of [AJ’s] original offers and it has definitely helped. With that said, I have not been able to shoot as often as I would like due to an injury. It sounds crazy, but the mental part of listening to his Solution message carried right over into shooting. I was skeptical like you, but it’s really something to try. – Chad, Katy, TX (chehunt at –


If you opt to order my Solution, after achieving a level of success you are happy with, I encourage you to email me a short note about that success accompanied by a photo which might then be placed on this page.

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