Diff’rent Strokes for Diff’rent Folks

Each of the eight generic versions of a subconscious directed, archery-specific message is on a CD, and you would need to select which one suits you before ordering. Excerpts of Prayer-like vs. Secular may be listened to from the EXCERPTS page. A PERSONALIZED VERSION is also available at extra charge, though it is advisable to use a generic version first to determine effectivity (doing that won’t cost you any more than ordering a personalized version initially). Each recording is 14-18 minutes long, and may be listened to more than once in the same use session, if necessary.

Personally, I have preferred to listen to my own messages on an inexpensive digital recorder, but many users simply upload the CD from their PC to a smartphone, iPod, or other mp3 player using Windows Media Player or a similar player program. Actually, I recommend this over listening with a CD player or PC due to the portability and convenience of having such a smaller listening device in bed with you (and possibly your spouse).

If you know which version of the Solution you want at this point, and wish to order, go here.