TP Symptoms

Target panic (or shot choke) comes in all flavors. Often, an archer will exhibit syptoms without even knowing that what he’s experiencing is strictly a mental thing. I’ve heard archers say they fiddled with their equipment and shooting process for a very long time without figuring that one out.

Cause: A disharmony or confliction of the minds, conscious and subconscious

Effect: Target panic
Symptoms: As laid out below

There are of course, obvious differences depending on whether you shoot trad or a wheelie w/pins. The trad shooter may consider himself a gap or a point-and-shoot archer, whereas the pinshooter just wants to place that pin over the spot. But neither is able to achieve his goal consistently in spite of having a well tuned and fitted bow.

Both archers are likely victims of TP. Sometimes the arrow point or pin just seems to wander on its own away from the desired location, and sometimes the archer can’t even get it close to begin with. Doesn’t matter – either way, the likelihood of a successful result is diminished.

The most common issue I hear from such archers is, I just can’t seem to move the pin* (or arrow point) onto the spot (or desired location). And it doesn’t seem to matter from which side the archer approaches the desired holding location, or even if he makes the effort to come to full draw exactly on-target.

*If you’re a pinshooter, the most common issue is holding low. For this reason, it is repeatedly stressed in all the pinshooter messages – #1,2,3,4,5, & 6.

But there are other symptoms as well:

Punching the release
Releasing before the minds-eye has established a good sight picture
Snap shooting (the extreme condition of the above affliction)
Never getting to full draw before releasing (even worse than snap shooting)
Throwing the bow (to one side or the other; sometimes to the detriment of the equipment)
Drive-by shooting
Anticipating the release (leading to involuntary firing; often accompanies use of a clicker)
Canting the bow
Inability to concentrate
Shaking (especially in front of an audience)
Letting down frequently
Holding off-center
Wandering thoughts (often leading to increased muscular tension)
…. and others leading to a lack of confidence and potentially becoming an ex-archer

Not included in the above list: A small case of nerves at crunch time.

I specifically mention this due to so many top tier archers wondering if they have developed a case of TP when shooting the final arrows of a big tournament. I’d say no, not TP. Even so, a number of such archers (including several pros) have had increased success with a PERSONALIZED MESSAGE.

Should you opt to call me (512-466-2729) prior to ordering, please be prepared to tell me up-front what you consider your primary symptom(s) to be.

Now here’s what you can expect after having had several listening and shooting sessions

And this final video clip explains the procedure at the bottom of the REVIEWS page.