Trad Shooters Only (Video Added)

Trad Shooters Only (Video Added)


I feel your pain.

Once upon a time long, long ago, I too, was in your boat. I was actually a pretty good instinctive shooter, having won a Texas Field Archery Association State Tournament in the Amateur/Instinctive Division. (full disclosure: during this era, there was great discussion and disagreement as to what constituted an amateur. For this reason, I had many fewer competitors to beat. I qualified due to being in college and shooting intramuraly).

It wasn’t too many years later that my target panic symptoms went totally out of control. Finally, after a terrible showing in a California tournament, I pretty much gave up competitive archery. I had tried everything I knew how to try, and just couldn’t beat it. (I was several years away from learning the technique used to rid myself of TP the second time around, which itself was still decades off.)

In any case, I do know that TP can (and most likely will) affect us all – whether shooting trad, or as we used to say of the pinshooters, freestyle. Whether you’re a gap shooter, or just point and shoot, I truly believe my trad messages (#7 & 8) will help you just as they have already helped many others who once found themselves in that terrible place.

For you folks who might occasionally condescend to pick up a wheelie, there is a two-for-one deal. Check the HOW TO ORDER page for details.

Set-up and the Firing Process

As a trad shooter, the set-up and firing process are much more important to you than to an archer shooting a compound with sights.

The primary differences making procedure more important to you are:

1. You have no pin to simply place on the spot; rather, you have to decide where you want to place the point of your arrow, no small feat.

2. You have no cam stop to tell you when your draw is at full extension; rather, you must feel like you are at full extension, or look down at the arrow point, or use a clicker.

3. You aren’t trying to hold a puny 12-15 lbs. at full draw; even a strictly target shooter generally pulls two to four times the holding weight of a compound.

There are other reasons – a multitude of variants in your set-up and firing process also militate against your getting from here to there as fast as a pinshooter might.

It is likely you’ve not really analyzed and formulated your set-up and firing process with the help of your subconscious mind. At least, that is what I have found to be true with a majority of the archers/bowhunters whom I have interviewed about this all-important sequence of elements required to shoot the bow. For this reason, it is the first thing I recommend addressing once target panic has inflicted itself upon your archery life. Should you opt to try my (money-back) Solution, please do ask me about this. Reason being, a generic Solution message attempts to place you in sync with your subconscious mind. In the process of re-establishing harmony, you may find that a shooting flaw is present in your set-up and firing process.If so, we can easily fix it. No additional charge for this service.

The object of addressing procedure is for you to have sequence and execution flow more naturally without having to think about it consciously on the firing line or in a deer blind.

One other thing. How often do you make a bad shot, then say to yourself, “I knew that wasn’t going to be a good arrow. I should’ve just let down.”? We can limit those bad arrows by making it easier for you to do just that – let down beforehand. Ask me how – no extra charge for accomplishing this, either.

If you’re up for something harder, click on Part II below of this video.

You can find several archers’ success stories here. Each of them had target panic, but is now cured.